• Future Prospects: The company will in the coming years, continue to make efforts to provide customers with quality domestic products and services, at the same time to expand overseas market, to allow the products go out of the country to the world and for China's contribution to the revitalization of a national industry power 

    Great in 1995 to set up corporate headquarters in Guangzhou, and at the time of design and production of domestic-based activities leading off products 85  
    Company in 1997 in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing set up branch offices, nationwide sales of products  
    In 2000 the company won the "high-quality brand decoration materials", "observe contracts and keep promise unit" designation, at the same time become the "China Building Decoration Association", "Guangzhou City Building Decoration Association" members  
    The company's product lines in 2002 include the activities of separate, high office cubicles, hospitals, high compartment, plant high cubicles, folding doors and windows and so on 5 big series nearly 60 varieties, with independent intellectual property rights of more than 40  
    In 2003 the company successfully passed the IS9001 international quality management system certification  
    Company in 2004 to move the new plants, expansion of production space for more than 11,000 square meters  

    In 2006 the company successfully developed ultra-high-type activities in separate systems, cut off high-noise activities system-based products across the country set up 10 branch offices  
    In 2008 the company successfully developed a new automatic cut off system activities, pushing the activities of off-type semi-automatic system, with glass doors in the activities of the door cut off system, frameless glass partition system activities, such as a series of new products