Small door sealed

The sealing device onboard of the door-in-door can automatically open when the door is opened, and automatically seal when the door is closed, without handle operation needed. Providing customers with excellent sound insulation elect

Steel structure

Supper high partition (over 6m) usually needs large scope steel structure construction . Dalai company has substantial experience in and capacity of helping customers to overcome this difficulty

Fluctuation flexible

Multi-layer vinyl strip sealing for the deep interlock mechanism and up-down retractable sealing mechanism, together with magnetic strip sealing device , Providing the optimum insulation for DALAI partition


It would have great trouble in transportation and conveyance when the movable partition exceeds certain height, especially in high building construction. Removable partition can solve this problem . making the transportation and conveyance easy

Expansion plate system

DALAI Company has done very excellently in this aspect. The combination of retractable press bar and sealing vinyl bar up the disadvantage of empty space left when then common product retractable head extrudes excellent insulation . It is the important patent of our company.

Packing style

The flexible partition storage method will plan the space more reasonably and flexibly according to the actual place, throught skillfully controlling the tread of partition will keep a proper order of partition in the storage room

Door in Door Structure

Using strong face spring press device to fix the door in door, giving up the fixing method with ground spike that can destroy the land
When the partition is running the wicket always at closing state for the guarantee of self-lock device So . there will be no accident when the wicket is suddenly opened